Mark Adams Legal Reformist & Political Activist MARK ADAMS HELPING YOU GET JUSTICE IN FLORIDA COURTS

When fighting Florida’s corrupt Justice Legal System you need powerful tools, Mark Adams can help you win.

  • Florida Investigative Journalist.

As a recognized journalist writing for major publications, “I will write, distribute, and publish your court room story to recognized publications and issue press releases“.

  • Courtroom Journalist and Videographer.

    Have a fighting chance in court, you will have a better chance at a fair hearing when the Judge knows the public can view his actions on youtube. Our legal notices filed in state courts have a 100% success rate to video tape court hearings. Our clients noticed a distinct difference in the tone, demeanor and outcome of their hearing when we videotaped the hearing.

  • Pro Se Education.

    Learn how to research, write pleadings, calculate a cause of action, deal with motions, write legal defenses that prevent summary judgment, and make objections that get the court’s respect. Pre-launch Special

  • Learn the Process to Disqualify a Judge for Bias.

    There is an abundance of case law and rules to eliminate a biased judge most of which are very time sensitive. You have to know how, when, and if you should disqualify your judge.

We can fix our broken government, hire me to help you:

  • Florida Public Speaker regarding Political, Business, and Legal issues to generate interest for and inform those at your event.
  • Florida Guest Commentator for your radio broadcast.
  • Florida Campaign Consultant. Help with fund raising, organizing your platform and campaign, and speech writing.
  • Florida Election Integrity Consultant. Don’t let election fraud steal the votes cast for you or by you.

Mark Adams experience in foreclosure fraud, election, media and judicial reform can help you win and expose your case.

Mark Adams practiced law in Florida for several years, one of his accomplishments occurred while representing Max Linn, the Reform Party candidate for Governor of Florida in the 2006 election. The successful lawsuits brought against the media required the inclusion of third party candidates in the Gubernatorial debates. These were the first injunctions won getting a third party candidate into debates.

Mark Adams handled more Congressional election contests than any other attorney, representing John Russell, Clint Curtis, Frank Gonzalez, and others in contesting the official results of the 2006 elections in Florida state court and before the U.S. House of Representatives. Mark Adams pioneered contesting elections by gathering affidavits from voters showing how they voted as compared to the “official vote count” proving the official vote counts were wrong (or manipulated).

Mark Adams successes in election reform lead to his creation of Project Vote Count which was created to expose the facts that computers counting our votes in secret is unconstitutional. Project Vote Count is one of Florida’s largest independent exit polls that prevents election fraud.

Mark Adams is a co-founder of POPULAR an organization which works for judicial reform. The Mission Statement: Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America Restored (POPULAR) is an association of public interest attorneys and law school graduates, also known as Juris Doctors or Doctors of Jurisprudence, committed to helping poor and other disadvantaged people access affordable and competent legal representation, important civil and criminal justice system reforms, as well as appropriate judicial oversight.

Mark Adams corruption investigations appear on Mark Adams on Mark Adams on Republic Media on Scoop on Mark Adams on The Daily Censored and on other news outlets as well as featured on

MarkĀ  Adams is a featured guest on several news radio broadcasts, been a keynote speaker at several political events throughout the country and put on training seminars to train regular citizens how to defend themselves pro se and win in Florida court rooms.